Ranimahal Resort


Discover the true essence of Ranimahal Resort. Beyond our packages, immerse yourself in the local environment and savor the flavors of our own organic food. Our resort is surrounded by natural beauty, offering serene gardens and walking trails. We take pride in our sustainable practices and have an on-site organic farm, ensuring fresh and chemical-free ingredients for our delightful meals. Our talented chefs create mouthwatering dishes that celebrate the region’s cuisine. Experience the best of nature and taste the difference with our farm-to-table dining experience at Ranimahal Resort.

Average Rs. 2,500 / night

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Family Package

Rs. 7500 / 6 people (max)

Couple Package

Rs. 3,500 per couple

Student Package

Rs. 1,000 per student

Group Package

Rs. 2,500 per person