Explore Tansen

Explore the Serenity of Tansen: Unveiling Palpa’s Treasures in Nepal


Ranimahal: A Romantic Retreat near Tansen

Embark on a journey to discover the enchanting Ranimahal, nestled just 13 kilometers northwest of Tansen, the heart of Palpa. Often likened to the “Tajmahal of Nepal,” this grand palace was commissioned by General Khadg Shamsher, the Western Commander, in loving memory of his queen, Tejkumari Devi. Construction began in 1949 and was completed in 1954, blending historical significance with architectural grace. Today, Ranimahal stands as a symbol of enduring love, with its 24 rooms, lush gardens, and picturesque location by the Kaligandaki River, captivating visitors from around the globe.

Bhairava Temple Bhairavasthan: A Spiritual Sanctuary

Just 9 kilometers from Tansen lies the Bhairavasthan Temple, a sacred haven atop a hill near Ribdikot village. Built in 1465 by King Mukunda Shen of Palpa, this temple houses Nepal’s largest golden trishul, drawing devotees especially during festivals like Dashain and Baisakh. With offerings of tridents and bread, worshippers create a vibrant spiritual atmosphere, making Bhairavasthan a must-visit destination for seekers of divine experiences.

Ruru Dham: Fusion of Religion and Culture

Ruru Dham, also known as Ridi, holds a sacred place at the confluence of the Ridi and Kaligandaki rivers. Mentioned in Hindu Puranas, this site celebrates Maghe Sankranti with the ‘Reedy Mela,’ drawing visitors during auspicious occasions throughout the year. With its association with Hindu scriptures and the presence of Shaligram along the Kaligandaki river, Ruru Dham is revered as one of Nepal’s four religious regions, offering a blend of spirituality and cultural significance.

Darlam Mahakali: A Timeless Temple of Devotion

Imbued with history and religious fervor, Darlam Mahakali Temple in Baganaskali Rural Municipality 5 Darlamdanda has been a site of worship since 1930 AD. With its pagoda-style structure and legends of divine proclamations, this temple exudes an aura of divine grace. The annual Rath Yatra adds a festive touch to its spiritual ambiance, attracting religious tourists seeking to immerse themselves in its rich heritage.


Ranujireshwari Bhagwati Temple Tansen: Testament of Victory and Devotion

The Ranujireshwari Bhagwati Temple in Tansen stands as a testament to Nepal’s resilience and devotion. Established in 1876 by Colonel Ujirsingh Thapa following a significant victory against the British, this temple has become a cherished destination for religious tourists. Despite facing destruction in the earthquake of 1990, the temple was meticulously reconstructed, symbolizing Nepal’s enduring spirit. The annual Rath Yatra of Ranujireshwari Bhagwati, rooted in history and tradition, attracts pilgrims from far and wide, honoring the temple’s legacy of victory and devotion.